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Whos keira knightley dating

”As stable as she might be, growing up in the spotlight has not been without its moments.

The reed-thin Knightley has been widely criticized for her weight, with one British newspaper going so far as to run a photo of the actress in a bikini alongside an article about a teenager who’d died of anorexia.

“If the film gets awards or anything, great, but if it doesn’t, it certainly doesn’t devalue the project,” she says.

“I told him, director to director, that he’d be insane not to have her.” Knightley, of course, received a best actress Oscar nomination for the role, and Wright went on to cast her in his next film, Knightley insists that she never took the directors’ doubts about her personally.“Her parents [Sharman Macdonald, an actress-turned-playwright, and Will Knightley, an actor] raised her with her roots in the earth,” says Gore Verbinksi, who directed her in all three films. Even at 17 she was remarkably stable and confident.”“From a very young age I realized that you didn’t get parts if you acted like a child,” says Knightley.“So even at seven I remember picking a way to behave, a way that worked.Just a few years ago, for instance, even with the success of 2002’s “He said to me very plainly, ‘I don’t think you can act.I don’t want you in this film,’” remembers Knightley.

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But if nothing is said, you’re going to go away with the same opinion, and I’m going to go away feeling s--- about myself.”It’s a remarkably evolved attitude for someone so young, but having worked as an actress for a decade and a half, Knightley has developed showbiz survival tactics well beyond her years.

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