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Validating identity belkin

What's more, the limited-account-access setting means that you'll have to forgo using certain third-party apps -- specifically those that require access to Gmail and/or Google Drive.

This actually bypasses other methods like phone-based two-step verification.

With a security key, however, you can't sign into a site that's not legitimate, because the key works only with sites that are known.

It's not hard to use, but there's definitely a bit of added hassle.

Thankfully, Google just introduced a new system designed to safeguard users against such attacks: the Advanced Protection Program.

Let's take a look at the APP: what it does, how to use it and who needs it. First, it utilizes a physical security key to help protect you against phishing sites.

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The most obvious one: You'll need your physical security key whenever you want to sign into a Google app or site.

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