Full relationship dating com

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Full relationship dating com

From my own observations and experience as a woman, we tend to be emotional.We are “feelers,” which is why it isn’t uncommon for us to fall for the guy who tells us he isn’t looking for anything serious.

The best marriages are those in which each person still has their own independence and yet together they create something truly wonderful. I mean I’m notoriously “sort of hungry,” which basically means that I am hungry ,and I just don’t want to sound greedy. I may have missed the point, but this type of website seems to be a commitment-phobe’s dream come true. It’s being in an actual relationship but “low-maintenance,” a notion explored by relationship author and blogger Helen Croydon.

But being in a full-time relationship doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence.

Nor does it mean your significant other has to account for every moment of the day.

If you aren’t looking for something serious, then by all means do as you wish. You kind of get to be in a relationship, only nothing in your personal life really changes. Perhaps you aren’t required to put forth as much effort.

Essentially you get to have your cake and eat it, too.

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Recently I read about a website that matches people looking for part-time relationships.